Own Your Own "Berserk" Soft Sword Reproduction

Meter long item will be shipping early next year

Art of War's latest high quality, high price product inspired by Kentaro Miura's medieval horror epic Berserk is a soft reproduction of the protagonist Guts' oversized sword the "Dragonslayer." The meter long item will be shipping early next year for 18,000yen.



From their description

From Berserk volume 1 it says:
"It was much too big to be called a sword,
massive, thick, heavy and far too rough.
Indeed, it was like a heap of raw iron."

The huge sword in Berserk, Dragon Slayer has now been released in soft sword type.
Swing this imitation sword to get a simulated experience of the original heap of raw iron.
Take the sword from your back and swing it toward the target, this soft sword Dragon Slayer is made to let you enjoy the experience like a swordsman. Also, its suitable size makes it able to be played inside your house. (size about half of the real one.)

The inside of the sword is made by wood. Therefore the body of the sword will be straight even if you swing the sword. Also, it gives a good feeling when you hold the hilt in your hand and swing it as physical exercise indoor.

1. Do not use it to cut other people. It may hurt.
2. Please confirm that there is no fragile around you when you swing the sword interior.
3. We will not take responsibility if the sword broken when you play it, or any damage caused by your sword.
4. The inside body of this sword is made by wood. Generally it is ok for play, but we think it is better to be careful when you play with it.
5. ***Arm width over 45cm is not able to wear the holster. Please make sure the holster size is available for you before your order.***

Dragon Slayer Soft Sword
Unit Price: 18,000 Yen (tax excluded)
Material: Texture, Polyethylene, Styrene, Wood
Size: Sword body 970mm (L) x 130 mm (W) x 30 mm (T)
Length of the Sword: 730mm
Weight: 430g
Holster (sheath): W165 ~ D60 ~ H70mm (about 150g)
Released on: October 2013
Estimated delivery date: February, 2014
Designed and Made by: Blue Ignite Co., ltd.
Manufacture: ART OF WAR
Made in Japan

EMS Shipping and Handling Costs (Japanese Yen)
Area 1 (Asia) - 4,000 JPY
Area 2 (North America, Mideast, Oceania) - 5,000 JPY
Area 3 (EU Countries) - 5,600 JPY
Area 4 (South America, Africa) - 8,000 JPY


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Nosferatu *2013 Exclusive version

Product Information

Unit price: 65,000 Yen (tax excluded) (approx. $667/ €499)
Material: Polystone, metal
Attachment: Ganishka'd Head Paperweight
Serial Number Nameplate (No. 1~No. 50)
Originated & Manufactured by ART OF WAR
Estimate Delivery date: January or February, 2014
Size: (Non-Scale)
--Zodd single: 22 cm (H)
--Kushan Sword: approx.19cm
--Total: 30 cm (H) x 25 cm (W) x 20 cm (D)



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