New Artwork Revealed For "Macross F" Blu-Ray Boxset

Brand new nose-art style Sheryl and Ranka in new outfit!

It has already been announced that Macross F will have a gorgeous new Blu-ray boxset release soon, but are you ready to see the equally gorgeous new illustration of both the galactic fairy and the galactic idol who are featured on the package? Animation studio Satelight posted the new art on its official Twitter account! Two nose-art style galactic divas are exclusively drawn by the character designer Ebata Risa and the mechanical artist, Tenjin Hidetaka.




Sheryl Nome will be featured on front cover.




Ranka Lee will be on the back cover of the Blu-ray Box package.




The anime's official site explains the new digital remaster technique in detail, which was not available at the time of the first release will be used to smooth out the picture in the new Blu-ray version. Before remaster on the left and after on the right.




Included bonus: 112 page illustration book



Included bonus: 64 page storyboard book of opening theme for 2 cour


The new Blu-ray boxset will be on sale on December 25th, 2013 for a year and it will include tons of bonus contents including music videos, previously released OVAs, karaoke videos and a new cast and staff commentary, on top of a new drama CD, Ranka's Escape Mission! which goes with the Sheryl's Escape Mission! Drama CD that will be released as a prize within the Macross F Ichibankuji on sale this month. The box set is set at 33,600 yen in Japan.


©2007 ビックウエスト/マクロスF 製作委員会・MBS

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