VIDEO: "Madoka Magica: Battle Pentagram" Preview, Attacks and Rocket Launcher Homukini

Adventure/3D action due in December

Following this month's opening of anime movie Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion, mahou shoujo fans have a December release of PS Vita game The Battle Pentagram to look forward to. In addition to a new preview from Namco Bandai, there's an early look at the girls' special attacks, and set of alternate outfits, such as bikini Homura and school uniform Kyoko, offered with the limiteed edition.


The adventure/3D action game from Dragon Ball: Battle of Z developer Artdink and Namco Bandai is divided into daytime adventure gaming, in which the magic girls socialize and bond, and nighttime witch battling, in which the player teams up with an AI partner to battle through various witch's labyrinths, leading up to the big showdown with Walpurgis Night.


Beyond a health meter, the battle mechanics include a mana meter, drained by using the characters' special skills (Madoka's light arrows and assists Kyubey, Homura's time powers, Mami's gun blasts' and ribbons, etc.). Either meter can be refilled by using a Soul Gem charge and three charges can be used to revive a fallen partner.


The game's "what if" story is supervised by the Magica Quartet.



Each each has a series of standard attacks using the triange button. These vary based on direction and timing, such as dash attacks, step attacks like Mami's Moonsault Kick, and aerial magic, such as Sayaka's Aerial Stinger and Spark Edge.


 The square button attivate magical specials, which use MP and become stronger when the character levels up.

Special "magic" attacks include


Homing Arrow


Decoy QB



Time Stop


AT-4 rocket launcher



Infinite Bullets


Tiro Finale





Alter Ego Attack

Final Judgement

DLC Outfits offered with limited edition.

These include Madoka – Gym Uniform / Buruma, Homura – Swimsuit, Mami – Idol Dress, Sakura – Uniform and Sayaka – Pyjamas.



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