"Record of Lodoss War" and "Fate/stay night" Crossover Poster Offered

Deedlit and Saber meet to celebrate 25th anniversary of "Lodoss War" light novels and 30th anniversary of Comptiq

It's a battle of blonds as Saber from Fate/stay night meets Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War in a Takashi Takeuchi illustrated poster, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original Lodoss War light novels and the 30th anniversary of computer gaming/manga magazine Comptiq


While a copy of the poster is being offered with Comptiq, along with an audio drama between knight Parn and elf Deedlit, larger promo versions will also be unveiled in Akihabara. 



Other Lodoss goodies include:


A New Gray Witch edition, with about 50 pages of revised material, special binding and 16 page Izubuchi Hiroshi gallery

New editions of the Sneaker Bunko record of Lodoss War light novels, with updated covers


Anime Blu-rays


via PR Times


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