VIDEO: New Picture Drama for "Momochi-san Chi No Ayakashi Ouji" Manga

Momochi-san Chi No Ayakashi Ouji gets a picture drama

Hi ladies, do you like KENN? Just in case you are not familiar, he is a Japanese voice actor who voices characters like Akihito from Beyond the Boundary, Asahina Futo from Brothers Conflict and Hibito from Space Brothers and is also an actor and a singer. Okay, if that's not enough, do you like hot manga boys with animal ears? or just a hot manga boy? All of that is available in the new Momochi-san Chii No Ayakashi Ouji picture drama, based on the manga.





Momochi-san Chii No Ayakashi Ouji is a manga by Shouoto Aya running in Kadokawa's monthly manga magazine, ASUKA.




The story of this romantic comedy shojo manga starts when Himari, who had no family and lived by herself inherits a mansion by a mysterious letter on her 16th birthday. When she walks in to the house for the first time, she runs into a hot naked guy who apparently is already living in the mansion.


His name is Nanamori Aoi and they decided to live together at first, but he tries to kick her out, not because he doesn't like her, but because he thought that was best for her because the mansion is infested with Japanese traditional monsters!


He was appointed as a gurdian by the mysterious house when he roamed into the house by accident and was turned into Nue, the feared Japanese monster. The reason why he was trying to kick her out is because he was afraid that the house will choose Himari, who is the rightful iheritor of the house as a guardian over him and turn her into a monster, just like him.




The picture drama features KENN (photo above) as Nanamori Aoi, the appointed gurdian of the house that the main character Himari inheris.




Aoi has black hair and mysterious blue eyes in his human form as you see on the cover of vol. 2 of the manga (on right), but his eyes turn red and hair becomes white with adorable animal ears in monster form.




The release of a picture drama often leads to the manga to become a full-fledged anime, anyone who got intrigued by the drama or the manga can hope that will be the case this time as well.


Source: Natalie

(C) 硝音あや


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