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Newest "Free!" Rubber Strap Series Is Still Cute After Multiple Releases

Just when you thought there would be no more rubber straps from Free!, think again

So we thought it's about time that Free! ran out of ideas for rubber straps because there are already multiple versions of them. We were wrong. The latest strap may be the cutest one released yet! Hobby Stock has released the images of the second Pikuriru series rubber strap collection featuring the Arabian costumes and boys from the Iwatobi Swimming club, including a not-so-secret secret strap yet to be revealed.


Free! Pikuriru Trading Strap Collection #2

500 yen each or 5000 yen for a box of 10


Arabian costumes in the pose from the dance in ending theme, SPLASH FREE:

Nanase Haruka






Tachibana Makoto





Matsuoka Rin





Hazuki Nagisa





Ryugazaki Rei








From Iwatobi Swim Club Days:

Nanase Haruka





Tachibana Makoto



Matsuoka Rin



Hazuki Nagisa




Secret one (even though this is too obvious)





Haruka and Rin from Iwatobi Swim Club design is made to re-create the end card from episode 1 as below.






BUT WAIT, there's more! There is a bonus extra strap if you purchase a box at Hobby Stock. It's the episode 4 end card version of Makoto!




If you buy a box from Animate Japan, it comes with this version of Haruka as you see below.




So you can do this with both of them together.


This is pure evil. How can we resist?



(C) おおじこうじ・京都アニメーション/岩鳶高校水泳部

copyright © HOBBY STOCK inc. all rights reserved.

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