#Makeanimeboring One of the Top US Trending Topics on Twitter

Complete with jokes like "Howl's Moving Trailerhome", "Galaxy Public Transportation 999" and "Business Suit Gundam"

Last night, anime kids went nuts when #makeanimeboring was made one of the top US trending topics on Twitter, complete with jokes like "Howl's Moving Trailerhome" and "Galaxy Public Transportation 999" and "Business Suit Gundam."


The Twitter trend starts at 1:13 am by @personasama, famously known as the senior animator on Skullgirls: 




Within an hour, TweetStreams lists #makeanimeboring as the top trend, higher than #HappyHalloween and #music...



Now there are hundreds of tweets under #makeanimeboring, here are a few of our favorites: 



Check out the trend yourself on Twitter. 


How would you rename an anime to make it boring? 

Tweet them to me! @SailorBee

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