"Attack On Titan" Titan Gyaru Make-up Featured In Japanese Magazine

Attack On Gyaru make-up!

The Colossal Titan from Attack On Titan was spotted in a very unusual place, as the Titan make-up was recently featured in a make-up tip spread in a recent issue of Japanese Gyaru fashion magazine Koakuma Ageha. "Gyaru" is a term used for Japanese girls and women with a certain fashion style, most often they wear color contact lenses and fake lashes for enlarged eyes and bleached hair with big hair. Even with the popularity of the Colossal Titan, how is that possible? Let's see how it looks.




This is a sample cover of Kohakuma Ageha magazine above for your reference. The magazine calls their followers "Age-jo (Ageha-girl) and the make-up style "Age-jo Meiku (Ageha-girl make-up)". The magazine is filled with tips on how to improve their Age-jo appearance.




photo via @soumei_31K

This image of Age-jo model with Colossal Titan make-up with fake lashes began floating around on the internet.  The headline of the feature says, "Would Age-jo make-up technique work on Titans? We tried it on "Attack On Titan!". Is it working? Your opinion, please!




Source: Nijimen

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