Tourism Campaign "OSAKA-POP" Official Character Design Contest

Make your characters (and yourself) world-famous!

"OSAKA-POP" is a new tourism campaign featuring Japanese pop culture such as manga, anime, and cosplay, which is conducted by Osaka Government Tourism Bureau. They are now holding a character design contest for its official characters "Mio & Tsukushi" simultaneously worldwide. The grand prize money is 200,000 yen (about US$2,000). Please read the outline of the contest below (excerpts from the OSAKA-POP official site):


"We are now accepting submissions for the “Mio & Tsukushi” new character contest simultaneously worldwide. “Mio & Tsukushi” a pair of girl characters fitted the image of Osaka, will serve as the character of the“OSAKA-POP” tourism campaign run by Osaka Government Tourism Bureau, the prefectural and city governments in Osaka. The Grand Prize winning characters will make a debut in the “OSAKA-POP Festival (provisional name)” in late March 2014. The characters will act as the

pop character to promote the charms of POP city Osaka worldwide."

"We need the OMOKAWAII (“funny and cute”) characters which introduce the POP city, Osaka to people

all over the world! The submission period runs from Nov.1, 2013 to Jan.31, 2014. Let's make a brilliant debut

to worldwide attention of your “Mio & Tsukushi” duo at the “Mio & Tsukushi Debut Festival” on Mar.21, 2014."

If you are interested in and want to make your characters world-famous, please join the contest!

Check the English guidlines for more information.


The chief of Osaka Government Tourism Bureau and cosplayers at the press conference on October 30

Source: Fashion Headline


© 2013 OSAKA-POP

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