New "Free!" Anikuji Lottery Figure Set With The Cutest Behind!

An official set of Makoto and Haruka prize figures

Animate Japan and Gamers Japan will start selling the highly anticipated Free! Anikuji prize drawing lottery figures from December 14th at their stores and the final line-up of the prizes were revealed at Animate Girls Festival 2013. The big surprise was the Last Anikuji Prize with the cutest behind on display at the event!



The Anikuji Free! official site finally updated with all the prize information after the final prototypes were unveiled at AGF 2013. One of the prizes, Last Anikuji Prize offers a set of Makoto and Haruka's figures in the matching Iwatobi High School style track jackets with a fish tail and matching hearts!




The actual prototype figures on display at AGF 2013 photographed above. Anikuji will be available at Animate and Gamers stores in Japan from December 14th for 600 yen each time you play the lottery. The prizes are won randomly with each draw. Below is the full line-up of the prizes.




Prize A: Big cushion with Haruka on the front and Rin an the back.



Prize B: Haruka figure

Prize C: Makoto Figure

Prize D: Rin Figure

Prize E: Hagisa Figure

Prize F: Rei Figure




Prize G: Mini bag (Iwatobi or Samezuka)

Prize H: Rubber Strap (5 styles, one per draw)




Prize I: Clear File Set (5 styles, 2 files each set)




The Animate Info official Twitter account has been teasing fans with the images of the Anikuji Free! figures. There were a lot of emphasis in the back side of the figures, showing their confidence in the cute design.





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