Robbery At "MaiDreamin" Maid Cafe In Akihabara

The suspect threatened a female employee at the cafe with a knife

A male customer at a famous maid cafe in Akihabara called MaiDreamin stayed at the cafe for an hour before he threatened a female employee with a knife and fled the scene with 130,000 yen in hand at around 8:30pm on November 3rd, Japan time.


Here is the link to TV Asahi news broadcast. Click on the orange button to start the video at the link.



According to the news broadcast, the suspect came in as a customer and stayed for an hour at the cafe. At the check out, he used a butterfly knife to threat the female cashier not to move. Then he pushed the employee down and grabbed the cash out of the register before he fled the scene. The man is described as a male in his twenties with a thin frame, about 170cm tall and wearing a black suit and sunglasses. No employee was harmed because of this incident according to TV Asahi. MaiDreamin has 13 cafes in Japan with 6 of them in Akihabara, and 1 cafe in Bangkok, Thailand. The incident happened at the main location.


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