Home Town of "Gatchaman Crowds" Celebrates Anime

Tachikawa celebrates appearance in Crowds and inspiration for Raildex's Academy City

Since 2011, Tachikawa, located in western Tokyo Metropolis, has been celebrating its status as the "City of Anime." Generally this means that its Autumn Rakuichi notes its status as the inspiration for the Academy City setting of A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun, but this year, the “Certain Municipality’s Area Promotion” got to double up with an appreciation for Gatchaman Crowds, which likewise set its action in the city. 


Special Railgun cards and calendars were distributed in city shops.


A “Tachikawa x Anime Panel Exhibit” exhibit of features from the city included in the recent Index movie and life sized stand-ups were display


Participants in a “Search for Sacred Anime Spots in Tachikawa” stamp rally and local quiz were rewarded with a Paimon badge

life sized Crowds stand-ups were also display at the local culture center


Goods on sale included:


Clearfiles - 500yen

Desk mats - 1000yen


bag 500yen

charm 700yen


Rice crackers



tea, condensed milk, and cider can/piggy banks


Crowds buttons - 300yen each


 Honey Karinto cookies - 300yen


Paimon cookies - 300yen

Paimon pan(bread) 300yen


Paimon pancakes 450yen


Nail art 3,000-6,000yen



via @Tachikawanavi and @colors_ai


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