VIDEO: Hatsune Miku Introduces Mitchie M's 1st Album "Greatest Idol"

The composer of "FREELY TOMORROW" and "Viva Happy"

Vocaloid song creator Mitchie M, who is best known for his Hatsune Miku songs "FREELY TOMORROW" and "Viva Happy," has posted a 6 minutes 40 seconds long crossfade video for his 1st major album "Greatest Idol" which is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 6. The video features Miku as a DJ to introduce all the songs in the album.




As reported , animator/manga artist Yoshiyuki Sadamato provided his own version of Hatsune Miku

illustration for this album. Sadamoto is famous for his character design works for the Evangelion

anime series and Mamoru Hosoda's anime films such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

and Summer Wars (2009). The 4,095-yen first limited edition comes with a LP-size package featuring

Sadamoto's Miku illustration.


"Greatest Idol" cover illustration


"Greatest Idol" Track list:


2. Ageage Again

3. Ai Dee

4. Viva Happy

5. Bye Bye Blue Memory

6. Aizu

7. Eazy Dance

8. Sorrow is like affection

9. Tanki Nonki Danshi

10. Blooming The Idol

11. Believe (ver.HD)

12. City Boy

13. Birthday Song for Miku


"[Super Cute! Hatsune Miku] Viva Happy"


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku


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