VIDEO: Survive a Killer Shark Attack with Cup Noodle!

The newest CM in Nissin’s "Survive!” marketing campaign

Warning! The siren’s call of Cup Noodle instant ramen has lured an unconvincing killer shark out of the briny depths in a new Japanese TV commercial that is part of Nissin’s absurdist “Survive!” marketing campaign. Grab hold of your bat-shark-repellent and watch below!



In case you didn’t notice over the sound of your own laughing, the shark itself is pretty chatty. We asked CRN contribute yomimaid (who speaks Shark as well as Japanese) to help translate, and here’s what she told us:


This is a parody of Facebook situation! The shark named "Ria-Ju リア獣 (a word pun of リア充") is attacking people while saying stuff like "My gf cooks the best food" and "Too busy and haven't slept in 40 hours" for attention and "Likes". While others are liking it to survive, the main character says he will never "like" unless he genuinely likes it. Just in case, リア充 is a short for リアルが充実 meaning a person with their real life content, such as the fact the person is in a relationship or being popular. 


And here I was thinking that maybe someone was just listing off the perils of MSG and a high sodium diet...



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