Katsuhiro Otomo Draws New Cover for His "A Farewell to Arms" Manga

Originally published in November 1981

Katsuhiro Otomo's manga short Bukiyo Saraba (A Farewell to Arms) was originally published for the November 16 of 1981 issue of Shueisha's Weekly Young Magazine and later included in his 1990 tankobon "Kanojyo no Omoide..." (Memories of Her). However the tankobon has been out of print for a long time and very difficult to find.


In 2013, Bukiyo Saraba got an anime adaptation directed by Hajime Katoki, who is best known for his design works for various Gundam franchise, for the omnibus film Short Peace. In commemoration of the success of the film, Bandai Visual will release a B-4 size art book featuring the manga. The book contains the original manga and various production materials (scenario, story boards, character references) of the anime film. And even Otomo himself draws a new cover illustration for the book. The price of the 152-page book is 3,150 yen (about US$32) and the scheduled release date is December 25.



New cover illustration by Otomo


15-second trailer for the "Bukiyo Saraba" anime short



Trailer for "Short Peace"



Source: Comic Natalie

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