VIDEO: A Look Behind the Scenes of "Gatchman" Cosplay

Watch what happens behind the scenes within 48 hours of making and launching 5 seperate Gatchaman Cosplays

A new video takes you behind the scenes within 48 hours of making and launching five seperate Gatchaman (classic rather than Crowds) Cosplays. Watch the team suit up wiith Dan Louie as Ryu the Owl, Yuto Akaboshi as Eagle Ken, Aaron Ng as Jinpei the Swallow, Jesse Yu as Joe the Condor and Linda Le as Jun The Swan


Fabricators of the week long project: Jesse Yu and Linda Le making belts, helmets, watches, painting. Yuto Akaboshi sewing men's capes and suits. Linda Le also finished her costume herself months prior but wanted to have a whole group so asked Dan Louie and Aaron Ng to join.

From the Order of Appearance

Linda Le (Vampy)

Yuto Akaboshi (red star)

Jesse (J*ryu)

Aaron Ng

Dan Louie


via hystericbynature

Crowds as classics thumbnail via Umai Kaji




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