Late November Ichiban Kuji Features "Gurren Lagann The Movie" Prizes

Yoko figure, towel, cushions, glasses, clear files, and more!

Banpresto revealed the next line-up for its popular lottery series Ichiban Kuji titled "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: The Movie" on today November 7. The prize set contains a 23 cm-tall Yoko Littner figure and various Gurren Lagann goods such as Kamina's mantle towel, character illustration cushions, Lagann mobile phone holder, drill ballpoint pens, visual glasses, clear files & stickers, and chibi figures. The price of the ticket is 600 yen (about US$6). The lottery will be available at Japanese convenience store chain Lawson, the HMV stores, and hobby shops across Japan later this month.


Prize A: Kamina's mantle towel (130cm long)

Prize B: Yoko Littner figure (23cm tall)  

Prize C: Character illustration cushions

Prize D: Lagann mobile phone holder

Prize E: Drill ballpoint pens

Prize F: Visual glasses

Prize G: Clear files & stickers

Prize H: Figure+α collection

Last One Prize:Yoko Littner figure (Wink version)  

Source: Banpresto's press release


© GAINAX, Kazuki Nakajima/ Gurren Lagann The Movie Production Committee

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