Original Manga Style Character Hanging Scrolls Offered in Japan

The 52,500-yen draw to order products

Traditionally, Kakejiku (hanging scroll) is a Japanese/Chinese scroll painting or calligraphy mounted usually on a flexible backing. Motenas, a Japanese company based in Tokyo, has started offering hanging scrolls featuring manga style characters drawn by four young and energetic illustrators through its new EC site Shitsurae. The theme for the 1st project is "Four Seasons and Sake." The price for the draw to order illustrations are all 52,500 yen (about US$530). The size is 705×300mm. Please also check the instruction video how to hang the Kakejiku on the wall.



"Spring/Ouka Enyuu" by haseko




"Summer/Ryo no Nureen" by Yoshimi Otani



"Autumn/Aki no Nanakusa: Kikyou, Susuki, Ominaeshi" by sioux


"Winter/Tu me manques" Monchihoshi


 Source: press release

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