Sample "Free!" Character Mascots For Your Desktop!

Imagine them moving around in your monitor!

The KyoAni Shop has updated the special site for the Free! Illustration WORKS book that will be released on November 15th with moving samples of the DTA Mascot! It's software that will be included in the anime's first official illustration book that installs character desktop accessories for you to click, drag or just let them be in your own monitor. Check out the deformed swimming boys in action!



Below are the samples of the characters in jpeg.



Waiting Mode: When characters are left alone on desktop



Adorable Mokoto looks like trying to stop someone from stripping.


Rin looks like he is distracted and thinking about something else.



Drag Mode: When characters are dragged


Haru-chan, don't sleep!!


If Nagisa is adorable like this dragged, I can do this all day.



Click Mode: When characters are clicked


Rei's glasses shine every time you click on him.



Isn't Mikoshiba Captain the best? I can almost hear him saying, "Is that all you got?! Click harder!!".



Walk mode: When the characters walk across the monitor


Since director Utsumi calls Nagisa "Angel", some fans on the internet were saying we can call Nagisa "Golden Angel" and Nitori "Silver Angel".




Check out the rest of the samples at the official site as the moving samples are truly adorable. For more details about the book, please see my previous article.



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