North American Poster for Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises"

Oscar-qualifying engagements run in New York and Los Angeles on November 8-14

 Hayao Miyazaki's final anime movie, The Wind Rises, is set for limited release in North American theaters on February 21 and will expand a week later. Under the Touchstone Pictures banner, the film also will play Oscar-qualifying engagements in New York and Los Angeles on November 8-14. 


Based on Miyazaki's manga and a novel by Tatsuo Hori, the film explores the life of World War II Zero fighter designer Jirō Horikoshi, with Evangelion's Hideaki Anno voicing the character.  So far, it seems to be getting mixed reviews from American film critics, who have called its controversial subject matter into question.

In their article on the subject, the New York Times says 

Because of the smoking and other difficult imagery — animated bombs, a tuberculosis epidemic — Disney will release “The Wind Rises” at arm’s length. A dubbed version of the movie, set for limited release in the United States and Canada on Feb. 21, will be distributed on Disney’s Touchstone Pictures label. Mr. Miyazaki’s previous three movies, including “Spirited Away” (2002), which won the Oscar for best animated film, were released in North America under the flagship Disney logo.



versus the Japanese posters...


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