Wear Tetsuya 2 Go From "Kuroko's Basketball" As A New Neckwarmer!

It's got the same eyes as Tetsu....plus more Kuroko's Basketball merchandise

Seirin High School's cute mascot dog, Tetsuya 2 Go from Kuroko's Basketball has become a neck warmer that you can wear! Pre-orders are now open at Movic Japan with a long body and the adorable face that reminds you of a certain shadow is sure to get your attention. Whether you would wear it or not is up to you!


It's 91cm long, 17cm wide and the planned release date is December 19 for 3,675 yen.






The Premium Bandai Fashion Net brand is introducing School branded socks that are very practical for use. They will be available this month for 1,260 yen for each pair.






The new Fall-themed clear file set includes the Yosen players, too! The set comes with 6 clear files for 1,134 yen. Fall is associated with the appetite (food), reading, and sports.


Fans were also wondering which fall association the Kuroko's illustration would be and it turned out to be the appetite!





The DVD cover for the first Kuroko's Basketball official event in KuroBas Cup 2013 that took place in July is an illustration of the players in the clothing that their respective voice actors wore at the event. The DVD is due out on Christmas Day in Japan.



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