Capcom Collaboration Leads to Neat Anniversary Eyeglasses

Zoff X 30th Anniversary CAPCOM promotion leads to Resident Evil and Phoenix Wright frames

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Capcom has decided to collaborate with discount Japanese eyeglass manufacturer Zoff to create a special selection of eyeglass frames, with one set celebrating Phoenix Wright and the other celebrating the Biohazard franchise, in the unique pixel art style that has become Capcom's signature.


Zoff X Capcom 30th Anniversary Eyeglasses Frames
Biohazard frames 1 Phoenix Wright frames 1
Biohazard frames 2 Phoenix Wright frames 2


The cleaning cloth designs for each pair were chosen by fan voting, while pre-orders are currently underway with the frames shipping in mid-December. Prices for the frames are set at ¥5,250 with non-perscription plano lenses. The reason for the lower than average pricing for the frames lies with the sales model used by the Zoff chain in the volume sales model driving down prices for frames, which can usually cost as much or more than the perscription lenses themselves.


The frame designs on the Phoenix Wright model were also laid out in the vein of a court battle, with the 8-bit lawyer on the inner right side temple and his rival Miles Edgeworth on the inner left side temple with the motif extending to the cleaning cloth. If the opportunity were available to order these frames outside of Japan, which pair would you buy?


Zoff x Capcom 30th page

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