Happy Birthday, Voice Actor And Singer Tatsuhisa Suzuki!

Fans hope his fast recovery from recent health issue

Tatsuhisa Suzuki, a voice actor and the singer for the band OLDCODEX (as Ta_2) is celebrating his 30th birthday today, but not before shocking fans by revealing that he suffered from anisakiasis recently and is recovering from it on his blog. But that did not stop fans from celebrating his birthday and many are wishing for his fast recovery.



Tatsuhisa posted on his blog that he went to the hospital for intense abdominal pain to find out that it was caused by a a parasitea parasitic worm, Anisakis. It usually gets consumed by eating raw seafood, especially Mackerel and squid and it is recently reported that the number of cases are rising in Japan. Tatsuhisa has already been treated for the malady and he is asking his fans to be careful as well.





His band OLDCODEX is currently featured at Shibuya PARCO for a themed cafe event and the band's official Twitter posted that fellow OCD member and painter, YORKE. added special birthday message to the wall in the cafe.




Photo via Chil-Chil net

YORKE. painted the outside of Shibuya PARCO for the event. He reminisced that his largest painting he ever did in his life was at age 29 and now he did the largest wall paiting in his life on the last day of Tatsuhisa being 29 years old in his poetic post.





Tatsuhisa voiced Makoto Tachibana from Free!



Hiroomi Nase from Beyond the Boundary



Kazunari Takao from Kuroko's Basketball



Yutaka Hasebe from Servant x Service



Ranmaru Kurosaki from Uta No Prince Sama



What other characters voiced by Tatsuhisa do you like? 

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