Just For Fun: Japanese Calligraphy Generator

Turn anything into Japanese Calligraphy

The year is coming to an end and the Japanese postal service wants to remind people to write New Years greetings by offering a special site to play with Japanese calligraphy! As a Gintama fan, the subtitle screen always comes to my mind when I think of Japanese calligraphy, but what would you do?




The top page looks like this and a click on the red button at the bottom will start the page.




In front of you, you have Hanshi, the calligraphy paper as a canvas, Suzuri (an inkstone) and a palette of colors next to it, then 3 brushes to choose from. When you are finished, click on the red button, gray button to do it over again.




Once you finish the work, a pop up window opens up to download your work by clicking the red button or options to share it on Facebook or Twitter.





You get a nicely sized image like this once downloaded.




My best attempt at Gintama-themed calligraphy. What would you draw with the calligraphy app?

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