POLL: Top 10 New Light Novel Illustrators In Japan

Light novel experts in Japan chose the 10 illustrators to watch for

Light novels are still widely popular in Japan, providing a rich pool of original stories for possible anime adaptations. But, there are so many of them available, so just how do you choose what to read? That's where the power of beautiful illustrations on the cover comes in. DDNavi, run by a Japanese magazine about books in Japan called DaVinch recently polled the owners of a light novel review site in Japan to choose the top 10 new illustrators who are currently grabbing the attention of light novel readers. Just to note, famous illustrators such as Ito Noizi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) and Kishida Mel (RDG Red Data Girl) are intentionally removed from the nomination to focus on up and coming new artists.


 UPDATE: All the titles of light novels below are now listed:)


 #1 Kippu  65 points

Kippu does the illustrations for No-Rin with an anime adaptation expected in January 2014.





#2 Yu-gen 60 points

Yu-gen does illustration for Outbreak Company.





#3 Ponkan⑧  52 points

Ponkan⑧ bacame known with his work for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, but the voters are prasing his illustration for Seitokai Tantei Kirika, pictured above.





#4 Sumihei  43 points

Tokyo Ravens illustrations are done by Sumihei and he collected points for his fashionable work.





#5 Kurogin  40 points

Kurogin is able to produce cute bishojo and mecha at the same time which is quite rare. Above is Kurogin's work on the cover of Hakugin No Zesutoma-ku (Xectmarc Of Silver Snow) by Amano Tohkei.





#6 Ukai Saki  36 points

Ukai Saki's work is featured on Dengeki Bunko's Black Bullet light novel.





#7 Uruu Gekka  31 points

Uruu Gekka also did the cover illustration for the Oni Ai (Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!) light novel. The cover above is from Yagate Majin No Alicebell by Akamatsu Chugaku.





#8 Shirai Eiri  28 points

 The cover by Shirai Eiri on Ayuhara Yonami Wa Yoku Nureru by Minase Hazuki.





#9 Casukabe Akira  25 points

 The cover by Casukabe for Fukanzen Shinseikikan Ilis (Imperfect Divine Arms Ilis) by Sazane Kei.





#10 Parsely  24 points

 Parsely's work on the cover of Koori No Kuni no Amaryllis (Amaryllis In The Ice Country) by Matsuyama Takeshi.


Source: DDNavi

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