Voice Actor Mamoru Miyano Reveals "STEINS;GATE" Okabe Rintaro Cosplay

The image revealed at his Budokan concert is finally posted on his blog

Out of all the great characters voice actor/singer Miyano Mamoru has voiced, many fans choose Okabe Rintaro, a.k.a. the lunatic mad scientist Hōōin Kyōma and Okarin to adorable Mayuri from STEINS;GATE as their favorite. Now imagine Miyano himself cosplaying the leader of the Future Gadget Laboratory? He first revealed it at the successful Budokan live show last month and finally posted the image on his blog. Are you ready to burst out the Kyoma laugh?



KITA--------------------------------------!! The photo was taken from the short movie shown at the MAMORU MIYANO SPECIAL LIVE TRAVELING! show at Budokan. Miyano himself sounded very excited on his blog about this as well.



Above is another character Miyano has done from his entertaining show. Talk about being versatile.

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