VIDEO: "Girls' Fashion Shoot" Struts Out with Glamorous Launch Trailer

Nintendo 3DS fashion game arrives in North America on November 22

If there's anything more fabulous than a girls' fashion shoot, I don't wanna hear about it! Rising Star Games no doubt agrees, especially with the launch of the appropriately named Girls' Fashion Shoot—AKA Nicola Kanshuu: Model * Oshare Audition 2—on the 3DS horizon. Treat yourself to the trailer below, you deserve it. 



More on the game from Rising Star: 

Enter the world of fashion and build your career as the next top model and editor in Girls' Fashion Shoot. Take the reins at popular fashion magazine, Rising Star Magazine, become a model yourself and aim for the top by creating stylish articles that get attention. Create your own style from hundreds of outfits, hairstyles, and nails and then go on fashion shoots where you create the poses and looks for eye-catching magazine articles and covers. Use the money you earn to upgrade your wardrobe and apartment. The sky's the limit!


Girls' Fashion Shoot is going head to head with the launch of the next Zelda and Mario games, as well as the Xbox One and more, and will no doubt smash them all to bedazzled smithereens on November 22. 



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