"Uta No Prince Sama" LINE Stamps Provoke Funny Reactions In Japan

LINE users posted "How to use that Tokiya stamp" on Twitter

Asian mobile messaging service LINE had recently introduced a collection of anime stamps for users with titles such as Magi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Attack On Titan, so this latest addition was no surprise, but as soon as the Uta No Prince Sama LINE stamps were introduced, fans immediately started spamming each other with the prince stamps! But wait, there is one stamp in the set of 40 stamps that challenged fans creativity to use it in interesting ways.



The set of 40 stamps are $1.99 in the LINE Stamp shop including the Princes in MajiLOVE 2000% costumes and other cute designs. However, there is one design that caught Japanese fans attention for its sheer WTF factor.





For those who are not familiar with LINE, it features a messaging platform where you can text and send stamps to communicate with friends. Looking at all the Prince stamps, fans thought, yes, we like that horror look Masato that we can use and burning Sho with his manliness is adorable, but how in the world do we use this Tokiya stamp with his back turned? That was the question that arose on the internet and the UtaPri fans collective sense of humor was put to the test. Let's look at some examples by Twitter users below.






via @mmsgw

This Twitter user simply paired it with another stamp with Tokiya turned around as if to introduce himself by saying "Hi, this is Ichinose Tokiya". (The salmon sushi on the image is just her background image on her page and has no meaning.)









via @aoign

This user paired it with sleeping Haruka stamp and added Tokiya's inner voice saying, "(Nanami san is sleeping...I maybe able to see her sleeping face....!! But! No, I can't. That's not right. However....she is so cute, cute, cute, cute....)".









via @inotti_

 Things started to become more chaotic when this user matched it with an Attack On Titan stamp. Tokiya, run for your life!!








via @inzmpksp

This user made it so that it looks like Tokiya collected all the Dragon Ball. When I saw this Tokiya was asking, "Please grant my wish. I want more friends", it was hard to hold back tears.







via @zoo7obzs

This Tokiya is just happy to find birdies flying across this Twitter users screen.








via @fujinock

This Twitter user caught a rare moment for a square Tokiya to say "I guess those are Haruka's undies....".







via @mi77_gm

This Twitter user was able to reverse the idea and used a photographer stamp from Chibi Maruko Chan as a paparazzi capturing an idol on his off day.




How would you use the stamp on LINE, or even outside of the app?





Source: Nijimen

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