"Madoka Magica: Battle Pentagram" and Slot Art

PlayStation Vita 3D Action game Battle Pentagram is set to be released December 19th

After 21 days in theaters, Madoka Magica: Rebellion topped a million tickets sold. So, it's time to celebrate with some gaming. PlayStation Vita 3D Action game Battle Pentagram is set to be released December 19th.


Get a look at its newly revealed box art...



The limited edition features 

  • Special Box
  • Special Booklet
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  •  Dessert Witch Mobile Phone Cleaner
  • Special DLC costumes
  • Voice World

Voice World is branching story phone call with character voices, similar to what was previously done with [email protected] The first printing is with  Mami Tomoe’s Hotline.


This is the story of some Magical Girls, whom have been hunting witches throughout the ages.

How many times has this been repeating over and over again, Homura Akemi has stopped counting a long time ago. After challenging several times the most powerful of witches, "Walpurgis Night", without any success, thinking again it was the end, she entrusted everything to Madoka Kaname.

"If we all five Magical Girls get together, wouldn't we be capable of defeating Walpurgis Night?"

With that in mind, Homura goes back in time once again. The five girls must forge a bond between them to cooperate and defeat Walpurgis Night.

Now, the girls are left behind, and one of them will be their guide...



The adventure/3D action game from Dragon Ball: Battle of Z developer Artdink and Namco Bandai is divided into daytime adventure gaming, in which the magic girls socialize and bond, and nighttime witch battling, in which the player teams up with an AI partner to battle through various witch's labyrinths in the 30 days leading up to the big showdown with Walpurgis Night.


Beyond a health meter, the battle mechanics include a mana meter, drained by using the characters' special skills (Madoka's light arrows and assists Kyubey, Homura's time powers, Mami's gun blasts' and ribbons, etc.). Either meter can be refilled by using a Soul Gem charge and three charges can be used to revive a fallen partner.


The game's "what if" story is supervised by the Magica Quartet.



Meanwhile, the hype has begun for a Madoka Magica pachislot machine


Promo for the Namco amusement crane game campaign 



Also, some Lawson convenience store clearfile art


bonus magazine spread


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