“Oreimo” Kirino Kosaka and Kuroneko Cat Ear Figures Coming Soon

Available in December

Figure and toy manufacturer Griffon Enterprises will be releasing figures of “Oreimo” characters Kirino Kosaka and Kuroneko wearing cat ears.


Kirino Kosaka (Cat Ear Version) 高坂桐乃~ネコミミver.~


A 1/8th scale, 10-centimeter-tall figure of Kirino Kosaka will be released in late November. The figure depicts Kirino dressed in a leotard and T-shirt and wearing cat ears and a cat tail, and she is posed on all fours with a bright, happy expression on her face. The figure retails for 8,400 yen.


Coming in late December is a 1/8th scale, 17-centimeter-tall figure of Kuroneko. The gothic Lolita character is dressed in cat ears, a cat tail, and a sleeveless shirt for Summer Comiket, wearing an inscrutable expression on her face and posing pigeon-toed. The figure retails for 8,500 yen.


Kuroneko (Cat Ear Version) 黒猫~ネコミミver.~

Kuroneko (Cat Ear Version)

Kirino Kosaka (Cat Ear Version) 高坂桐乃~ネコミミver.~

Kirino Kosaka is crawling on all fours, wearing a cat tail and a leotard.

黒猫~ネコミミver.~ Kuroneko (Cat Ear Version)

Reverse view

高坂桐乃~ネコミミver.~ Kirino Kosaka (Cat Ear Version)

Front view

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Griffon Enterprises



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