Happy Birthday to Makoto Tachibana From "Free!"

Gentle swim club captain turns 17??? His fans celebrate worldwide

Sexy summer swimming anime Free! gave us a season of touching friendship wrapped in beautiful animation, and impressive eye candy, such a fan favorite Makoto Tachibana. Fans around the world are celebrating his birthday, including very special birthday from both "Nobunaga".




First off, right at midnight of 17th in Japan, a known Makoto enthusiast in Nobunaga Shimazaki, the voice of Haruka Nanase from Free! tweeted his birthday wish to his childhood best friend followed by a tweet that says, "I guess having a partner like Makoto would really make me happy." instantly sending all fangirls to happy heaven.






At the same time, the Oda Nobunaga joke Twitter account also celebrated Makoto's birthday. The Double Nobunaga birthday wish first happened on Tatsuhisa Suzuki's birthday and happened again for Makoto, as many fans suspected it would happen.





The city of Iwami, the town the anime is based on also prepared a happy birthday party room that looks like the official poster by the anime magazine Newtype. Now, where can I buy those Iwatobi-chan balloons?




The Twitter account also posted a photo from the cosplay event and Squid festival on Makoto's birthday in Iwami. Above is a photo of bricks with messages from fans.





It almost feels like it's not a Japanese anime birthday celebration without these type of fans. For the gallery of more birthday celebration images, click here.




The anime's official site is also featuring a special birthday message from the rest of the boys and Makoto's response here. Happy birthday, Makoto! Hope to see you again next Summer!



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