Voice Actress for Mako from "Kill la Kill" Accidentally Adopts Character Hairstyle

Aya Suzaki posted her new hairstyle to her blog

Ryuko in Kill la Kill is cool and all, but how many Mako fans are out there? The anime's really animated sidekick has an adorable hairstyle and her voice actress accidentally copied her hairstyle! She then posted the results on her blog.



Suzaki Aya before.




Suzaki Aya with Mako hairstyle! Aya posted this photo on her blog. According to her blog, the usual hairstylist was not there and the new person gave her a bang trim that is shorter than what she's used to, but Aya decided to go with it since it looks like Mako's hairstyle. Aya messaged the photo to Shintani Mayumi, the voice of Jakuzure Nonon after the haircut. However, Aya is a little sad that people ask her if she cut her bangs herself, but she looks good, doesn't she? Fans can only anticipate a full cosplay from her with a no-star sailor fuku next!


Speaking of Mako, some bonus, outstanding fanm cosplay...

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