VIDEO: Fall In Love With Insects And Assorted Creatures In A New Dating Sim

The grasshopper girl next door hopes you notice her, senpai

I guess humans are overrated these days. If being in love with a human is too boring, how about this new Japanese indie game called Fall In Love With Creatures! Kokonoe Kokoro. Fully voiced except for the main character, this Non-Human Dating Sim is free and waiting for you to play.



The free game is developed by dojin game circle Nostalgia and the gameplay movie posted on NicoNico Douga has already been viewed more than 320,000 times. The title was originally submitted for the Nico Nico Jisaku Game Festival 2 and choosen for the Netlab award.



Kokonoe Kokoro, the girl (I mean, a grasshopper) next door, the game's main heroine (I mean, main insect).



You like little sisters in games? Here is your younger sister who just happens to be a bat.



Your best friend is also non-human, of course. The game NEVER mentions anything about the fact everyone else is non-human.



Yoshino Yoshiyuki at Nostalgia is happy about the attention, but is a little sad that their other games that they spent more hours developing are not getting any attention while this short title that they made in their spare time is getting more recognition.


Source: Netlab

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