Atlus Announces "Conception II" RPG for North America

Child-bearing role-player set for 3DS and PS Vita in spring 2014

Today Atlus announced plans to release Spike Chunsoft's child-bearing Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars RPG in North America. The turn-based action heads to Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita in spring 2014.


Conception II puts players in control of a young man training as a Disciple, which is a human gifted with the divine powers of the Star Gods, allowing him to fight the monsters that plague the world. The Disciples aim to put an end to the Pandora Labyrinth; not only is it spawning monsters, it's spawning labyrinths of its own. Since the power of the Star Gods only resides in humans until they're 18, the player must partner up with others to conceive Star Children and keep the fight alive from generation to generation. 



Both versions of Conception II will be priced at $39.99, and more info will come via the newly opened official website. For now, here are some of the features from Atlus' press release: 


No Child Labor Laws: In addition to the protagonist and his fellow students bravely entering the Labyrinths, you must combine your powers with other Disciples to give life to Star Children, ethereal beings that can fight in battle. But, like regular children, it's important to make sure they're strong enough to face monsters from beyond the veil of sanity in battle.


No Monogamy For You, Player: The protagonist has opportunities to strengthen his bonds with seven key heroines throughout the game. Not only does this help you create stronger Star Children, but the girls become more formidable as well, making them reliable partners in battle... and other places.


Assume the Position: Monsters in Conception II all have weak spots, and their vulnerabilities are revealed based on the direction characters attack from. Colored arrows help the Disciples see which direction will cause the most damage when attacked. The order your party takes action will depend on your choices and each character's agility. Understanding the turn system and finding the best location to attack from will bring about swift and decisive victory.


Getting Chained Down: Another key system in Conception IIis the Chain Drive, a meter that slowly builds during combat. When it reaches climax, a monster will be chained down, slowing it dramatically. This opens the enemy up for major damage.



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