VIDEO: Moe Temple Comes Back with the iOS version of "Sutra Master" Rhythm Game

Hit the mokugyo to attain the truth of Buddhism

Back in August 2012, a Buddhist temple Ryohoji at Hachiouji, Tokyo, which is internationally known as "Moe temple," tried to release a rhythm game "Okyo no Tatsujin" (Buddhist sutra master) for Windows XP/Vista/7 at Comic Market 82. Unfortunately their plan was aborted due to patent infringement. But they have not given up their dream to spread Buddhism to young generation in Japan.


On November 16 and 17, the temple held a free test-play event for the iOS version of "Okyo no Tatsujin" along with the maid café as part of a local festival Hachioji Ichou Festa. The visitors were able to play the game on iPad by hitting a real mokugyo (fish-shaped wooden temple drum) as a controller. Check how it works with the demo video below.


The demo play video for the iOS version



The demo video for the Windows version


The event flyer


The ad image for the Windows version


Ryohoji's 2nd theme song "Namu x Kyun" PV


Source: Hachiuji Keizai Shimbun


© Ryohoji/Ryohoji Records

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