"Hard Gay" Moves Into A Professional Modeling Career

And he is pretty good at it

It was a long while back when a leather wearing Japanese comedian screamed his way into early YouTube fame, and now he has found himself in a fashion spread. Masaki Sumitani, also known as "Hard Gay" or Razor Ramon HG first became famous within the world of professional wrestling, and he is now a professional model. Sumitani had already announced his interest in modeling back in June of this year, but he finally landed a modeling gig with the American shoe brand, Luan.



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HG as we remember him.





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Sumitani says he spent 15 years in training to get this body.





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His modeling work above. Oh man.




In the mean time in his other career as a part of comedian unit Razor Ramon with Debuchi, he keeps saying he is serious about becoming a real Manzai Comedian, even changing his comedian name, dropping HG as you see in their October show poster above.


Source: Natalie 1 2 Oricon

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