VIDEO: New Music Video Reminds "Free!" Fans Of Rei's Butterfly Outfit

Popular Japanese visual kei singer DAIGO's coincidental resemblance to the beautiful swimmer gets fans talking

Rei, the one with glasses from summer swimming anime Free! is not only famous for his self-sacrificing act for his friendship, he's also remembered for the memorable butterfly outfit that turned many of us into Rei fans. Japanese visual kei singer DAIGO from the band Breakerz did not know about the anime at first, but soon found out that the outfit from the new music video from his solo project was very similar to Rei's.



Here is the video for DAIGO's second solo project single, BUTTERFLY. His famous mangaka sister complimented him on his new video by mentioning Rei and curious as ever, DAIGO asked about this Rei character on the internet.





Then he posted his findings on his Twitter account with amazement as the costumes have matching wings. When DAIGO expressed his interest to watch the anime, his sister was happy to tell him that she has all the episodes.






Above is the album cover of DAIGO's single which will be released on December 4th in Japan.





Yes, of course, someone had to do it. This is why I love the internet and Rei looks like a rock star here.



Source: Nijimen

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