Composer Hiroyuki Sawano Brings Trademark Insanity to "Kill la Kill" Soundtrack

OST set to be released December 25th

You can count on memorable music from composer Hiroyuki Sawano, as heard in anime such as Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist and Gundam Unicorn. He frequently adds puns and clever, linguistic puzzle titles to these works, which is the case for his Kill la Kill original sound track, set to be released on December 25th.


The track listing includes:

01 Before my body is dry 4:06
02 goriLLA蛇L 4:15
03 犬Kあ3L 4:33
04 Blumenkranz 4:18
05 AdラLib 3:23
06 鬼龍[email protected]キLL 4:37
07 KILL7la切ル 4:45
08 Suck your blood 3:39
09 Kiっ9=KELL 4:51
10 k1ll◎iLL 3:07
11 Light your heart up 3:56
12 昼裸lilL♪ 2:02
13 斬LLLア生LL 4:25
14 キ龍ha着LL 4:15
15 I want to know 4:06
16 寝LLna聴9 7:07
17 Kiる厭KiLL 5:06
18 Till I Die 4:41


Disc length 77:12

Vocalists: Mika Kobayashi, David Whitaker, mpi, Aimee Blackshleger, Cyua
Strings: Daisensei Muroya Strings
Cello: Wataru Mukai
Horns: Otohiko Fujita Group
Trumpet: Shiro Sasaki
Drums: Yu "masshoi" Yamauchi
Bass: Toshino Tanabe
Guitars: Hiroshi Iimuro
Piano, Keyboards: Hiroyuki Sawano

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Mitsunori Aizawa




Speaking of Kill la Kill cleverness, there's now a fan maintained listing of the series references.


via VGMdb


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