Girls-Only Evangelion Convention To Be Held in Tokyo In January

Female Eva fans in Japan asked for and got it

Female Eva fans, would you like it if an Evangelion convention only for females were possible to attend? That's exactly what is happening in Japan by the request of the attendees of previous conventions. Linkbal is the event organizer behind the Machi-Con parties in Japan that also organize EVA-Con and hsve received many requests from female attendees for EVA-Con to have a Females-Only version, where females can talk about female interests of the show to their hearts content. By collaborating with a few other companies, the request became a reality.



The first ever Female Only EVA-Con titled EVA-Joshikai (EVA Girls Party) will be held on January 18th in a wedding hall in Tokyo. On the day of the event, besides the fact that they can do girls EVA talk, attendees can enjoy original EVA nails, EVA Tarot Card Fortune telling, cosplay photoshoots and games that they can play to win assorted EVA merchandise. The registration fee is 4990 yen.


Source: AniFav

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