VIDEO: How To Make A Daikon Radish Moan With Your Touch

Another brilliant Japanese invention that makes you go "Why?"

Sometimes, the Daikon radish is used to describe a person's legs in Japan as in being too thick and not desirable, but what if the radish itself moans sensually with your touch? Wouldn't that be special? A few college students in Japan created a device called the "SI - Sekuhara-Interface (Sexual Harassment Interface)" and yes, there is a demonstration video.



Ichihara Etsuko, now a UI designer in Japan, came up with this idea on creating a device that connects Japanese cultural sexuality and technology while in college. Her college mate, Watai Taiki thought it was a great idea (bless him) and after several successful and unsuccessful tries, they created the device that makes daikon radish moan as you see in the video, according to the interview they did together for KAI-YOU.



One of the early sketches of what the device should be by Ichihara. She definitely is some kind of visionary.


In 2010, they conducted a live musical using the SI prototype at a college festival at Waseda University in Japan before they finally decided that the Daikon radish is the vegetable they should use for the SI machine, after previous unsuccessful experiements with potted flowers.




The SI prototype above. The use of lighting improved the product's appeal. It was reveiwed as a product rather than a science or art project, but I say it is absolutely amusing.


Source: KAI-YOU

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