Katy Perry Goes Full Geisha in Controversial AMA Performance

“Unconditionally” turning Japanese?

Pop diva Katy Perry stirred up a hornet’s nest by giving a performance of her song “Unconditionally” at last night’s American Music Award in geisha inspired style surrounded by corny symbols from Japanese culture 101. A high school production of Madame Butterfly could hardly do better than the giant fans, falling cherry blossoms, paper lanterns, and lots of bowing on display below.



Major news outlets around the world – from Time to the UK’s Daily Mail – are now reporting on Perry’s performance, buttering headlines with words like ‘racism’ and ‘offensive’. And social media is not much amused either (just check your twitter feed). So consider some buttons pushed.


Still, your tolerance with this sort of thing may vary. After Miley Cyrus, your ability to shocked by what people will do onstage in the name of fame may be somewhat diminished… or maybe the seeds were planted way back with Perry’s appearance on Saturday Night Live’s "J-POP America Funtime Now!" skit when she was told “You look so very Japanese!” and everyone laughed and clapped like seals.




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