Kurumi Tokisaki from “Date A Live” Becomes a Figure

To be released this December

Kurumi Tokisaki, AKA Nightmare from “Date A Live,” has been turned into a 1/8 figure to be released this December.


“Date A Live” started as a young adult novel by Tachibana Kochi, and the anime version debuted last April. The premise is – what if members of a secret society were orchestrating a dead-serious dating sim, and led several magical girls with mysterious powers into the orbit of one seemingly ordinary boy?


Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki 時崎狂三


The figure features a black and red dress (emblematic of Kurumi’s third angel Elohim) and is placed into a cool pose. The frills and ribbons give a gothic Lolita effect in combination with the ruffling skirt. Despite the 1/8 scale, the sheer volume of the figures twin pigtails is easy to perceive.


The figure features Kurumi’s clock-face left eye and crimson right eye, and showcases her invincible smile. The other side of the figure shows her sexy back and garter belts. Finally there are lots of fun details in her hair and accessories to round it all out.


The figure will retail for 1,400 yen. In December, the second “Date A Live” figure of Origami Tobiichi is also scheduled to go on sale.


Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki 時崎狂三

Kurumi’s clock-face left eye, crimson right eye, and invincible smile 


Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki 時崎狂三

Kurumi’s sexy back and garter belts


IMAGES ©2013 Kochi Tachibana・Tsunako/Fujimi Shobo/「Date A Live」


Date A Live「Kurumi Tokisaki」
「Date A Live」

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