"Rune Factory," "Lufia" Developer Neverland Shuts Down and Files for Bankruptcy

Sluggish sales and failed fundraising attempts lead to ceasing of operations

It's a sad day for Neverland—the developer that's handled the Rune Factory series since the beginning, including the recently released Rune Factory 4—as they cease operations


Sluggish performance due to recent changes in the business environment and unsuccessful attempts to raise funds have given them no choice but to close down. As a result, Neverland has begun the process of filing for bankruptcy. 


Despite their deteriorating financial status, Rune Factory 4 was the fastest-selling title in the series. It wasn't enough to turn things around, however, raising questions about the status of Rune Factory 5. Marvelous AQL previously said it would be coming eventually, but Neverland's closing may change things. 


Founded in 1993—which makes the company's 20th anniversary bittersweet—Neverland has been working on games since the Super Famicom. Previous releases include titles like Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, Record of Lodoss War (Dreamcast), and Shining Force Neo.


Via Siliconera



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