VIDEO: Voice Actor Group EMERGENCY Announce New Year's Eve Countdown Concert

Appropriately titled "Happy New Young"

Voice actor dance music group, EMERGENCY posted behind-the-scene looking footage of the band announcing the ear-end countdown live. EMERGENCY consists of Onosaka Masaya (Kaede from Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East) as New Young, Kobayashi Yu (Sasha from Attack On Titan) as Crazy Yu and Goto Yukari (a former member of JPOP group, AAA) as Dancing Yu. The video features the band and the narration by fellow label mate, Midorikawa Hikaru (Sakamaki Ayato from Diabolik Lovers).



The video opens as Onosaka, aka New Young is invited to a conference room and informed that the countdown concert schedule was secured at Yokohama Bay Hall, a venue holds 1000 people.


In a panic, he calls for an emergency meeting with the rest of the EMERGENCY to discuss the contents of the show and announces that in the concert there will be a New Young Special New Song, members will be in a blinking new costume called New Young Transform 2014, a Mochi pounding performance (Japanese New Year staple) and one of their songs will have a new arrangement with a New Year's theme.


Then, adding to that, Kobayashi, aka Crazy Yu requests that she wants to do a reading play in the show called EMERGENCY Episode 1 and that is a go. The tickets are already on sale and if the event will turn it into a DVD is yet to be announced.

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