"Star Blazers 2199" International Release Plans Announced

First disc due in February

Back in April, the hosts of the Yamato 2199 Episode 3 web simulcast held up a sign saying that the current remake of Space Battleship Yamato will be exported under the name "STARBLAZERS 2199." Finally, after the Japanese run completed this fall, there's an update, with the official StarBlazers.com posting release plans for the remake of the classic sci-fi anime.




As the site explains the release plans:

New DVD and Blue Ray is coming up!!!

We will be releasing DVD and Blue Ray from animation that was on TV in Japan  this year!

There are 26 episodes, and DVD will be 6 of  them. Each DVD includes 4 episodes.

1st DVD is coming on Feb.27 2014.

Pre order starts from Dec.19th in this website. www.starblazers.com 

Vol.1 has English and Spanish subtitles.

We'll post the details in this website.


And their introduction to Yamato 2199:


which was produced in Japan in 1974, is a monumental work that has greatly influenced creators and subsequent animated series as the archetypal Japanese space opera. As a series with such a history like this, the production teams of all the companies involved have come together to create a remake of the production. We hope that not only the fans of the original work, but as well as the young generation of viewers far and wide, will be touched by this work, and enjoy STAR BLAZERS 2199.

From the entire staff of STAR BLAZERS 2199


Production Overview

A new animated series, also known as STAR BLAZERS 2199 overseas (Japanese: Uchu-Senkan Yamato 2199). Beginning in Spring 2012, there are seven segments that have begun releases within Japan as theatrical films (as of now, up until the sixth segment has been released in theaters) and the DVD and Blu-ray of the first five theatrical film versions that were released in theaters have been released for sale. It is an extremely popular series that begun on the MBS/TBS network in Japan in April 2013 and will be ending in September 2013.


26 episodes total (22 minutes per episode, 30 minutes on broadcast television) and 7 segments (specifically for theater release).



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