Voice Actress Ai Shimizu Wins Her 1st Pro Wresting Match

Using flying mare, flying body press, and other popular moves

32-year-old voice actress Ai Shimizu reported on her official twitter account that she really enjoyed her 1st pro wrestling match in Gamushara Pro-wrestling's 10th anniversary event GAMSHARA OLYMPIC'2013 yesterday. She is the 1st anime voice actress who actually fights in the Japanese wrestling ring in history.


According to the audience's reports, she fought in a six-person tag match against the team including famous masked wrestler Kikutaro, and won the match using flying mare, flying body press, ogami watari (arm twist ropewalk chop while praying), and other popular pro wrestling moves. She used "Rinka," the OP theme song for the 2003 TV anime Raimuiro Senkitan, in which she voiced the main heroine Momen Sanada, as her entrance theme. Congratulations for your 1st win, Ai-san!


Shimizu made her debut as a voice actress with Alex in the OAV Vandread Integral in 2001. She is best

known for her voice works as Mikoto Minagi in the My-HiME series and Suzuka Tsukimura in the Magical

Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. She is currently voicing Mio Kisaki in Walkure Romanze and Marie Hanazono in

Jewelpet Happiness.




All of the photos via Ai Shimizu's official Twitter account


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