VIDEO: New "Free!" Cosplay Video Features All Males, 5th Volume OVA Sample

Japanese cosplay show manages to get all the men, plus a new OVA sample!

A video from a recent cosplay show in Japan hosted at the Nicofarre venue is creating a buzz because all Free! cosplayers in the video are actually males. Japanese cosplay social network Cure and Nico Nico Douga teamed up for a regular cosplay runway show called Tokyo Niconico Cospllection and this Free! act was apparently at the November 16th event.  Enjoy the awkwardly embarrassing yet blissful cosplay in action!



You can watch the full event as a premium Time Shift at Nico Nico Douga (membership and login required).



In the meantime, the anime's official site has posted a sample of OVA from the 5th volume of the home video release.

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