FUNimation To Release Massive "Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition" Next February

Limited edition release will run $129.99 retail, less online

FUNimation has recently been tinkering with its limited edition releases as of late in an effort to draw in more collectors for certain series. The trend began with the release of the much maligned Guilty Crown, which included two decently sized artbooks among other bonuses, but this new limited edition release just might be the biggest limited edition release for a FUNimation title that wasn't Dragon Ball-related.


Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition


The forthcoming Kamisama Kiss Goddess Edition is planned for release February 11th for $129.99 (RightStuf will have it for $77.99) and the above picture appropriately demonstrates just how packed with extras and bonuses it really is, resembling a Japanese collectors set without the falcon punch to the wallet typically associated with such massive sets. Anyone up for buying the set? I'm half-tempted to buy it just to see the size of the whole box itself.

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