"Manga Box" Reader App Launches for Smartphones

Read manga for free on iOS and Android devices

Mobage mobile portal/e-commerce provider DeNA has launched a Manga Box digital manga reader for iOS and Android devices. The app aims to serialized a catalogue of manga titles, with new chapters, along with a weekly magazine.


The latest, plus at least the last 12, chapters will be offered for free.



The catalogue of titles includes


Kindaichi Case Files: Takato's Side

    Seimaru Amagi
    Fumiya Sato
 The son of a genius magician, Yoichi Takato has been something of a polymath ever since his high school days. However, his high school days are marked by boredom and an inability to open his heart to others. When he happens to join the magic club, he meets with friends whom he can finally open his heart to. But then, the curtain rises on a terrifying murder show! A spinoff story with Hajime Kindaichi’s nemesis from “Kindaichi Case Files”, “the hellish puppet master” Yoichi Takato must solve this murder case, even though he is still in high school!!


Billion Dogs
    Muneyuki Kaneshiro
    Naoki Serizawa

Ichiru Mizunuma is the student council president at the prestigious Ichimatsu High School. Shockingly, he is stabbed by fellow student and council vice president Kyosuke Hino. What is Kyosuke's motive? What is the badly injured Ichiru's secret plan? From the accomplished duo, writer Muneyuki Kaneshiro (As The Gods Will - The Second Series) and illustrator Naoki Serizawa (SARU LOCK), Billion Dogs is a fresh and exciting high school picaresque manga!


Spoof on Titan
Hajime Isayama( "Attack on Titan")

The hit comic "Attack on Titan" is now a 4-panel comic!


The Great Phrases Women Fall For

     Misawa of Hell

Enjoy the gem of a masterpiece, “The Great Phrases Women Fall For,” every single day (including weekends and holidays). Depending on the day, you may receive 1 to 3 great phrases. Be Ready! You will not know how many phrases you can handle until the day of.


The Knight in the Area
    Hiroaki Igano
    Kaya Tsukiyama

Their pass work has become splendid! The captain observes the field! In the ever-popular Enoshima soccer manga, “The Knight in the Area,” serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Iwaki Teppei progresses from being a young soccer coach to a professional soccer player. The story from his high school days is about to unfold! How did this young soccer boy evolve into a genius midfielder?! The long awaited spin off of the number one selling soccer manga is here!!


Can't Ride A Bicycle!

But my sense of balance is so bad that I can’t… That’s the trauma that high schooler Tsubame Ogawa has had to bear up under all these years. But starting when he meets naive rich boy Wada and joins the Bicycle club, he gets bound up in the terrifying world of cycling! Can’t Ride a Bike is a youth lifestyle comedy with a bunch of ridiculous young men!



High-rise Invasion
    Tsuina Miura
    Takahiro Ohba

High-school girl Yuri suddenly finds herself on the rooftop of a high-rise building. She’s trapped in a bizarre world surrounded by skyscrapers, where a masked man cracked open a man’s head with an axe before her eyes. The original author of “Ajin,” Tsuina Miura works in collaboration with Takahiro Oba, the artist of “Box!”, to bring you this thrilling skyscraper suspense!


High School Ninja Girl, Otonashi-san
    Masami Watanabe

Otonashi-san has just transferred into a perfectly ordinary high school. Silent and impassive, she's actually a kunoichi, a female ninja! (Not that she hides it well...) See what a ninja, the famous traditional Japanese hero, would be like as a high school girl in this off-beat, four-panel manga! Don't miss Otonashi-san's quirky appeal!!


District Hakkenshi [code:T-8]
    Rando Ayamine
    Kentaro/Saki Kurimoto

    Available on Dec 06 (Fri)

The souls of the Hakkenshi are reincarnated in the present! Inuzuka Shino is a high school student who shares the name of the legendary Hakkenshi, "Devotion". The name has caused him nothing but stress all his life. Now, because of his name, he's gotten himself wrapped up in a conflict with the Blight, creatures from a giant hole that has suddenly emerged in the city. An exciting new fantasy/action manga from Rando Ayamine, the artist who brought you Get Backers, and writers Saki and Kentaro Kurimoto.


    Tarako Umeyama

    Available on Dec 06 (Fri)

The main character “Totoki” is an ordinary high school student who leads a mundane school life. One day, a mysterious, primitive girl, “Cherry” appears before Totoki! Whatever Cherry does is a mammoth class! Because of that, Totoki is being thrown around mercilessly! Is Totoki's normal life gradually changing?!


Schoolgirl Landlord Honoka
    Toshihiko Kobayashi

    Available on Dec 06 (Fri)

Honoka Aono is an attractive 17-year-old high school sophomore. One summer day, suitcase in tow, she arrives at Musashi Koganei Station. A little away from this station, deep in a quiet suburban town, is the apartment her grandfather built. That's right – starting today, Honoka is going to be a landlord! Wearing her sailor school uniform by day and her landlord's apron after school, Honoka sets out to manage this building... which happens to be home to some very beautiful women. What kinds of heart pounding, exciting adventures await Honoka?!



    Available on Dec 06 (Fri)

Who do you think lives next door? A college student? A secretary? A foodie? A quiet sort? Or... A killer? This is the birth of a brand-new suspense horror masterpiece!


Girl and Car on the Beat
    Akata Inubo

    Available on Dec 06 (Fri)

In the town with a lighthouse, Inuhōzaki, the police patrol division's new recruit, Kurumi, and the talking middle-aged police-car-dog No.1 are on the case! Everyday, they somewhat protect the peace of Inuhōzaki, but is it okay to leave it up to the rambunctious duo? The new sensation that is the cute, slice-of-life short comedy is here!


The Chronicle of Akoya
    Sho Sato

    Available on Dec 07 (Sat)

When humans first discovered fire, it filled them with fear. As time passed, they mastered fire, and used it to melt iron and forge weapons. This taught them to build their power, make war and rule one another. Follow the journey of Akoya, a young woman protected by a mountain spirit, as she fights for survival in Japan long before the samurai came to rule.


My Grandpa's Stories Can't Be This Weird!
    Kazuhiro Urata

    Available on Dec 07 (Sat)

Though its title logo resembles a certain light novel, and his younger sister is particularly cute, the student council president doesn’t have any mystery to solve about it. It is just as it says, a comic about a grandpa telling his grandson a strange story. What is strange about it and why is something you’ll have to read the comic to find out! You’ll find yourself chuckling while you read, as you enjoy the charming world of this grandpa.



    Yusuke Osawa

    Available on Dec 08 (Sun)

Plants have taken over the planet. In 2017, the vegetation in Tokyo rose up and toppled human society in moments. The few survivors are forced to live in the relative safety of a subway network, but supplies are running low. Join an average high school student named Akira as he challenges the plants in a struggle for survival


    Yusuke Hashimoto

    Available on Dec 08 (Sun)

“YOU... ARE NO HUMAN!” That's how it started, when the hero Kazutoki Arai was taken completely off guard by Miharu Hijiri, who just transferred to his high school. Hijiri's true identity is an angel, with a mission to destroy demons and yokais secretly living in the human world. This can only mean one thing... Kazutoki is one of them. The angel has Kazutoki in her sights; where will his destiny lead!? It's an other-worldly comedy like never seen before. Don't miss it!!


Man's Bestest Friend
    Hiroyuki Tamakoshi

    Available on Dec 09 (Mon)

Just after being dumped by his girlfriend for being wishy-washy, our hero meets a high school girl... with dog ears? Is she a dog? A human? She's wide open, rather naive, and with her around, it's just one crazy day after another. Romantic comedy author Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, author of "Boys Be", brings us the unlikely love story of a hopeless office worker and the extraordinarily beautiful girl who lives with him. Take care of your doggy!


    Takuya Okada

    Available on Dec 09 (Mon)

Genghis Khan was the greatest hero in human history. This story illustrates the miraculous events in the breathtakingly vibrant life of this man who tore across the steppes, awash in turmoil and war, as the ruler of his people! This is an authentic historical novel depicting Genghis Khan’s sweeping military rule from his childhood onward!


First Love Suicide Pact
    Yosuke Suzaki

    Available on Dec 09 (Mon)

Fall from a building, fall in love. Shinji was a high school guy without a future. He went up to the roof of a building with plans to jump, only to run into his beautiful teacher, Shinanoya-sensei! Then she made a shocking proposal that would change Shinji's destiny... An exuberant tale of double suicide from the pen of a genius!!


Stra the Warlock
    Nawoya Iwata

    Available on Dec 10 (Tue)

The beginning of the end of the world. Humans face not the fate of death, but being enslaved to cruel demons. After eons of peace in the human realm, a heinous race of demons has suddenly appeared. With the wizards extinct, the only hope against the demons seems destroyed, but from this despair ridden land a mysterious boy has appears. Could he be the messiah who’s come to save humanity? A magical fantasy woven by the bond between two brothers who’ve been torn apart, be ready to carve the roar of victory in your soul!


In a Heartbeat
    Neruko Sugu

    Available on Dec 10 (Tue)

To Hide, who was suffering from loneliness after moving to a new town, Haru, who become his playmate was like a brother. However, as time passed, Hide’s feelings towards Haru began to change... The boy’s unrequited feelings and internal struggle are exquisitely illustrated in this melancholic serialized manga!


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