How To Build Kaneda's Bike From "Akira" in LEGOs

The Arvo Brothers put together 200 page guide

On the anime's 25th anniversary, we've seen some amazing fan tribute to Akira. There was Bartkira earlier in the year. Now, there's The Arvo Brothers' 200 page guide to building Kaned'a bike in LEGOs.



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It’s been a long way but finally, here is our new creature, a new version of the legendary Kaneda’s Bike, transformed into a book, a personal tribute, a total rendition to the most famous manga AKIRA of Katsuhiro Otomo.

"With the undeniable potential of the LEGO® bricks as work tools, we present this book which contains the instructions to build the Kaneda’s Bike: a visual experience, a journey through a dream in which we explore beyond our own limits with the sole purpose of entertaining, and with the model in our mind to get the expected result. We have tried to optimize the whole process, by eliminating any ambiguities that may mislead the reader-builder, and simplifying each step to make it easier."


200 pages divided into four chapters:

C2.- CONSTRUCTION OF THE MODEL (description of the process)
C3.- INSTRUCTIONS (two versions, "complete" & "naked"; steps & catalog)

Offset printing. Die-cut decals included.

The book will be available from December 14 through email: [email protected]

And later on page: (under construction)


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